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Anatomia / Undergang "Split" LP

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"From the earliest moments of carnal doom that give a potent sense of dread, building into a swing of putrefying brutality, dragging fleshy tendrils across whomever is misfortunate enough to wander the catacombs in which these sounds dwell: ANATOMIA bring their very unique and recognizable sound to the A-side, which is as unhinged as usual, showcasing their extremely tight musical abilities in all of their raw, indigestible splendor. From long, sepulchral passages to pulverizing assaults of brutality, there is no predicting the maniacal malice that lies ahead; at any given moment, all could give way to something even more crazed, warped, and brutal. The initiated shall know already that the atmosphere of ANATOMIA’s music is absolutely flawless, and those yet to learn will be greeted by something truly haunting, a spectral cacophony of dirty-yet-immersive, graven musicianship that creeps and crawls with an elegance yet retains all of the unpleasantness you could hope for.

Flipping over and UNDERGANG land insanely heavy blows from the get-go. Those familiar sewer-drenched hooks of meaty mid-tempo death metal plunge us into a pool of putridity with some bouncy drums, pungent riffs, and naturally vomitous vocals, altogether delivering that perfect combination of brutal, catchy, and utterly ferocious music that makes UNDERGANG so beloved by lovers of all things macabre. Flowing from the spectral soundscapes of ANATOMIA, this is a much more direct, in-your-face approach that is welcome and yet doesn’t detract from the ambient horrors of the split. Chugging violently through three tracks of carnage and debauchery, these titans of trench-foot-inducing extremity will punish you with some of their nastiest material to date that contorts into a spasming opera of filth. Like choking on mud, there is little respite or chance of escape - just more drowning layers of rot to descent upon you.

This is not just a misshapen, flimsy stitching-together of two bands. This is a statement of truly barbaric, savage, and putrescent underground death metal from two of the leading forces, standing with integrity above all trends and so-called movements, playing the most morbid music one could hope for in tandem. Prepare to be buried alive by the grotesqueries on display as ecstatically hideous death metal does what it does best and transports you to the underworld." (text by Jørgen Sven Kirby, Nattskog webzine)