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Astriferous "Pulsations From the Black Orb" TAPE

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"Limited edition cassette of Astriferous - Pulsations From the Black Orb on clear blue cassette shell.

Comes with:
- Special black card board splicase with Pantone Silver printing
- Logo printed on the clear cassette case
- Full body printed cassette shell!

Firing on all cylinders, this record is an amalgamation of the bands best works. The doomy parts are more spectral than ever, the bestial aggression is unrivalled in savagery and the progression as putrescent as one could dream of. Those who have followed the Astriferous journey can revel in the splendour that they have reached here with their best achievement to date. New maniacs can be won over by their first experience being a truly remarkable milestone in Death Metal from a far-off corner of the world, proudly planting the Costa Rican flag in the underground’s conscious with a truly marvellous, menacing and engrossing cut of excellence. Much like the chasmic, void-like vortex of grotesqueries on the cover art, this album will pull you into a pool of macabre oddities and never let you go…"