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Besotten "In Filth It Will Be Found" TAPE

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"Frozen Screams Imprint proudly presents the first official cassette run of Besotten's debut demo, "In Filth It Will Be Found." After planning around the presence of a full moon back in July of 2021, these recordings were captured live in their rehearsal space somewhere in the industrial wastes of the Pacific Northwest. Three grim, aural emanations of psychic death + existential doom, piercing the threshold between the waking mind + our darkest subconscious horrors. Self-recorded + previously self-released by the band (limited to 100 hand-numbered tapes, long sold out), this new FSI press is merely a sample of the psychological devastation to come.

"Some demos crush, but Besotten’s demo buries its listener, slowly and without remorse. 'In Filth It Will Be Found' spans almost 17 minutes across its 3 tracks, during which time, amidst one of the most noxious atmospheres heard on a death metal demo in years, the Portland Oregon three-piece swing their corroded pendulum between bestial death and decaying death-doom. A true gem of raw potential, bespeaking both a powerful future while simultaneously appeasing those lachrymose shades of death-doom past and their rigid expectations." - Decibel Magazine"