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Blemish "Omnipresence" TAPE

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"BLEMISH “Omnipresence” [ FSI-059 ] 
The crushing debut full-length album from New Jersey’s BLEMISH! This is the band’s 4th release with FSI + it is an absolute masterpiece. It all started with Blemish’s demo [FSI-012], a much-hyped release here at Frozen Screams that featured the coveted collector’s wet dream “Butcher’s Choice” edition, which was followed up soon after by split tape w/ Bestial Tongues [FSI-030] to close out 2021. One year later, 2022 came to a devastating conclusion with “Swarm + Decay” [FSI-054], a 4-song limited edition lathe cut + taste of the filth to come on “Omnipresence.”
Now, in 2023, Blemish takes no prisoners on this album — it is a sonic assault of your auditory + visual senses. Recorded + mixed flawlessly at Developing Nations Studio in Baltimore with mastering duties precisely handled by Dead Air, the record sounds absolutely MASSIVE. Blemish chucks death metal, grindcore, noise, powerviolence + all things heavy into a blender, concocting a sound so rotten + hostile you’ll have to play it over + over again just to process it. I’ve been saying this for awhile now, but New Jersey is a hotbed for heavy music these days + I have no doubt “Omnipresence” will solidify its place as a landmark record in the death metal community for many years to come."