Noxious Ruin

Bloodcurdling "Both Demos" TAPE

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This cassette features both demos from Colorado's ugliest lo-fi death metal outfit, BLOODCURDLING (2022's "Boiling Sewage Fetish" & 2023's "Awful Stench of Old Coffins"). What you'll find here is raw, ugly, primitive death metal dripping with tepid contamination. This is a racket so vile and putrid that it'll dissolve you from the inside out and leave your weak ass in a puddle on the floor.

Art/Illustration by Rusted Winds

Fans of bands like Impetigo, Dead Infection, Repulsion, early Autopsy, etc. should take note!

Listen here:

As with all NR Handwrought releases, this includes a hand screen printed heavyweight Maltese cross style foldout case, a double sided insert, on a black shell pro-tape.