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BOCC "La Forja Dels Cranis" TAPE

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[NTR010] Night Terrors Records is stoked to present the European Cassette Edition of Barcelona based BOCC's new crushing EP, "La Forja Dels Cranis". 3 brand new Death-Doom tracks (in the veins of Autopsy and Coffins) and a Purtenance cover. 

- Limited to 100 Copies
- Solid Bloody Red Shell with Full On-Body Print
- Red Plastic Case
- BOCC Logo Sticker

1. La Forja Dels Cranis (07:06)
2. Camp Dels Cremats (07:41)
3. Icones Del Fracàs (09:27)
4. Black Vision (Purtenance cover) (06:38)

Xavier: Vocals
Emilio: Guitars
Linares: Drums
Andreu: Bass

Bass recorded by Iris.

Tracks 1-3 recorded, mixed and mastered by Gerard Porqueres at Heatwork Studios, Barcelona, June, 2023. Track 4 recorded, mixed and mastered by Juan Carlos Riutort at Trashzone studios, January, 2023.

Design and layout by Terror Matt

EURO CASSETTE: Night Terrors Records
USA CASSETTE: Noxious Ruin