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Cadaverous "Remnants Of Violence" TAPE

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"Frozen Screams Imprint presents the debut album from Cadaverous, a new 3 piece old school death metal band formed in late 2021 + hailing from Indianapolis, IN. "Remnants of Violence" marks their return to the label following the "Slam The Coffin Shut" EP (FSI-032) released earlier this year, which was well-received by media outlets like Decibel Magazine. A few of the sickest cuts from the EP are revisited here + all the new tunes bring even more crushing riffs, pounding drums + grotesque lyrics this time around. Stunning + stomach-churning artwork masterfully crafted by Dechristianize Art seals the deal. Simply put: this record is awesome, a stellar debut + taste of bloody things to come from this band.

Cadaverous is already moving quickly through the bowels of the old school death metal underground + making a name for themselves opening for Mortiferum, Obituary, Gruesome, 200 Stab Wounds, Kontusion and many more. I am always thrilled when a new up + coming band wants to do another release on the label. So welcome back, Cadaverous!"