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Candarian "Stagnant Livor Mortis" TAPE

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"From the lands of Costa Rica, we have heard some amazing and unique Death Metal in the last few years. Candarian is a new entity emerging from this distant land with a wonderfully doomy, eldritch blend of creepy music. On offer here is their demo, a putrescent and slimy soundscape of horror and doom which could easily be a lost gem of the early 90s with its raw and uncompromising production, mangled guitars, titanic drumming and hideously monstrous vocals. Indeed, this is a superb example of Death Metal being played “properly”, with a feral energy and daunting atmosphere, each element as inescapable and monolithic as the one before and after. Like a hammer that can splinter bone and pulverise brain matter, Candarian deliver blow after twisted blow of barbaric malignancy on their demo, so turn back now if you want to leave with your head intact.

This is a malignant, odious, reckless and groove-laden affair, the exact kind of demo that will bring long-buried corpses bubbling to the surface in a quagmire of rottenness. Utilising some incredibly evocative atmospherics, this is an impressive feat of songwriting that goes above the basic old school worship, while including all the necessary filth a Death Metal demo needs, to create something with a haunting quality too, making for a much more unforgettable listen. Prepare to bang your head and drudge through the mulched layers of corpses that Candarian leave in their wake. The time is nigh to become possessed by real terror and carnage… "