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Cemetery Rottenness “Graveyard Elegies” TAPE

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The name speaks for itself…Cemetery Rottenness is a shallow grave of death metal. Exposing the roots of the rotten corpses that lie beneath its decaying headstones. Hailing from Columbia and by an unknown entity who calls themselves “Sepulcrum Aeternum”, which roughly translates to “eternal burial place”. A fitting name for such a decrepit and rancid sound. 

Tortured Tapes is proud to bring their morbid opus debut album titled “Graveyard Elegies” to the physical realm. 8 songs written as a lament for the dead. A 30 minute barrage of decomposing hymns crafting a landscape that is both horrifying and captivating. Each track on "Graveyard Elegies" is a haunting journey through desolate cemeteries and forgotten tombs, exploring themes of mortality, despair, and decay. A death metal debut album that should please the most rank of metal fans!