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Coffin Rot "A Monument To The Dead" TAPE

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Rotted Life, in conspiracy with Blood Harvest Records, is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Portland, Oregon's Coffin Rot, A Monument to the Dead, on CD, vinyl LP, formats and cassette. Formed in 2017, Coffin Rot quickly set to work on their first demo, following it a year later with another one as well as a split with comrades Molder. Wasting no time, now comes their full-length debut, A Monument to the Dead, displaying their swift mastery of the metal of death. Aptly titled, A Monument to the Dead is a timeless and trend-free synthesis of various eternal strains of death metal: Grave's proud 'n' powerful surge, Obituary’s no-frills crush, and the urgent depravity of early Cannibal Corpse, and a whole host of other equally stout influences. However, it's the manner in which Coffin Rot are able to rearrange these parameters into something horrific and, above all, immediately memorable: while by no means sticking to predictable verse/chorus rock-music structures, A Monument to the Dead retains an infectious catchiness whilst remaining resolutely and utterly dark and deathly. Adding to the album's potency is a clear-yet-crushing production that's the epitome of powerful - and one which is richly analog, ably highlighting Coffin Rot's very human (and very literal) execution.
Completed by dank 'n' disgusting artwork courtesy of Skadvaldur, Coffin Rot deliver a monument to the dead - are you among those doomed souls?