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Defunto "El Presagio EP" TAPE

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NR047: DEFUNTO "El Presagio" EP

Defunto are a death doom entity hailing from Costa Rica. They play a dismally churning and slow version of death/doom with atmospheric passages that conjure omens of the end.
"El Presagio" is the an EP with 4 songs clocking in at 32 minutes, and features a cover of the cult Dutch death doom outfit, Beyond Belief.

If you're a fan of bands like Anatomia, Rippikoulu, Worm, or Disembowlement then you'll surely dig what Defunto are doing.

Listen here:

Inner Sleeve Artwork by CVSPE

As with all NR Handwrought releases, this includes a hand screen printed heavyweight Maltese cross style foldout case, a double sided 8x10 insert, on a black shell pro-tape.