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Dipygus / Cosmic Reef Temple "Split" 7"

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"The origins of these two groups may appear to be on the opposite sides of the spectrum on the surface level but Santa Cruz “based” acts Dipygus, oddity infused death-ooze, and Cosmic Reef Temple, psyched out space-surf, both share similar timeline(s) as well as member(s). With their evolving sounds and line ups, though maintaining their core spirits throughout, each band has developed their own lore influenced by their somewhat deranged and drug expanded minds in addition to the absurdity that is the outside world and beyond, resulting in a certain mystique shrouding what they do.

Eventually it only made sense for the two groups to collaborate together, which led to the creation of this 7” split. Both sides were genetically guided to emulate the other side to build a bridge, a sense of consistency. The Dipygus side, “Oasis of the Zombies”, was recorded during the DeathOooze sessions, their debut LP, and also features a guest guitar performance from the Temple. This ends up making the track distinct from their previous material but continues their zany approach to death metal. The Cosmic Reef Temple side, “Reef Dweller”, began as an initial random riff idea that was molded into form to suit this release and expand their sound into the “extreme” metal realms all of the members are a fan of. This track brings a slightly more aggressive edge to the band not yet heard before, though may allude to future releases.

Wave Guardian Records decided to release this split as it was started by a shared member of both groups so it only made sense. The label previously released another 7” split for Cosmic Reef Temple as well and keeping a common thread going is a semi subconscious goal of both bands. Both sides were tracked, mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson (BrainOil, DeathGrave) at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA with the vinyl being produced in Portland, OR. Lacquer mastering was handled by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering and pressed at Cascade Record Pressing. The 7” features two panels from Matt Carr with gold screen printed logos."