Crypt Of The Wizard

Dipygus "Dipygus" LP

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"Rife with the foetid stench of mouldering mammoth corpses, Dipygus have spared no prisoners for their latest album; amping up their jungle fever dead dreams with skull smashing drumwork, monolithic bass brutality, captivating death hooks, venomous hypnotic leads, guttural flesh growls, ancient cryptid thematics and a truly diseased atmosphere, one that is as equally oppressive, as it is ferociously ominous. Freak induced fatalism from the backward fringes of time, Dipygus have once again laid morbid massacre to the audio waves and created their most potent slab of infectious caveman styled death metal to date, one that any cannibalistic monster marauder would be thrilled to sharpen their gnarled bone axes upon."