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Disengagement "Formless In A Violent World" TAPE

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“Hailing from various points between Liverpool and Manchester, DISENGAGEMENT have arrived with something a little different. While still firmly in the OSDM camp, Disengagement have chosen to deviate from the current low & slow sound, with the five-piece instead leaning heavily into the first-wave death metal sounds of Obituary, Sepultura and Celtic Frost, plus a little Finnish demo seasoning for good measure. With pummelling d-beat drumming, thick guitars, vicious leads and monstrous vocals, Disengagement have put their own unique stamp on the New Wave Of British Death Metal movement. After all, when was the last time you heard a death metal band play in E-standard?? Expect no cavernous sound, technical sections or blast beats here, just four punishing tracks of ripping death metal!”