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Druid Lord "Druid Death Cult + Baron Blood EP" TAPE

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"Druid Lord formed over a decade ago, but the members go back even further in death metal’s storied history, with members playing in past acts such as Acheron, Equinox, and Diabolic. Since their forming in 2010, the stalwarts in Druid Lord have been consistently churning out horror-themed death/doom metal at its most nightmarish.

However, it has been within the last 4 years, that Druid Lord have truly established themselves as the modern masters of the entire death/doom genre with their recent two full-length masterpieces “Grotesque Offerings” (2018) and “Relics of the Dead” (2022).
Since their forming, the band have set themselves apart from the herd by combining memorable songwriting, creepy atmospherics, catchy guitar leads, and old school homages into a sound that is all their own. It’s no surprise that they continue to be lavished with praise by both fans and critics alike.

Therefore, we at Gurgling Gore (in cohorts with the band) are absolutely honored to announce that we will be digging into the band’s back catalog and exhuming 2 EPs from the crypts: “Druid Death Cult” and “Baron Blood” – the predecessors to the band’s most recent albums. Both were originally released in 2012 and 2013 on 7” vinyl only, via the now-defunct Doomentia Records. Long out-of-print, neither EP has ever seen a reissue… until now.

On April 29th, Gurgling Gore will be reissuing both remastered EPs on a single cassette tape. There will be 2 shell-color variants (limited to 200 each) housed in a slipcase – featuring the killer artwork from both EPs. Druid Death Cult art by: Mark Riddick / Baron Blood art by: Eric Rot"