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Hormagaunt "In The Flesh" TAPE

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"A serious outbreak of FLESH eating virus originating in Melbourne, Australia at the recording space of Hormagaunt has now been reported in your area! The outbreak, originally thought to be contained by Frozen Screams Imprint overseas in New York, has been compromised + reports of the virus have been appearing at Bitter Loss Records in Perth, Australia! It is causing everyone who comes into contact with it to go insane! The virus is spreading + there is nothing we can do. We are all going to DIE!

So you might as well pre-order yourself a cassette copy of the full-length album debut from Hormagaunt entitled "In The Flesh." All tape orders include mini-zine. CD's + LP's will be available from Bitter Loss. Be sure to have a copy of this album on your person at all times so when the horribly disfigured + mutated survivors of the future find it on your disease-ridden, liquefying corpse they will know you were one of the SICK ones!"