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Liquid Shit "Repulsive Bodies" TAPE

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Limited to 100 copies.

"Dry Cough is utterly thrilled to be able to fill your ears with Liquid Shit once more.

The London-based five piece are quite obviously the hideous, deformed runt of the current UK death metal scene, with their disgustingly slow, sludgy, hardcore-inflected take on the genre offending people worldwide. Some may even argue that they aren't death metal at all, but they'd be wrong. The six tracks that make up 'Repulsive Bodies' are noticably heavier and more oppressive sounding than last year's 'Untold Horrors', with vocalist G doing a fine job of invoking the spirit of L.G. Petrov! There may not be much in the way of blast beats, shredding solos, or neck-snapping riffs, but this is definitely death metal; it's just slower, stripped down, and covered in shit. Liquid Shit!"