Gurgling Gore

Lymphatic Phlegm / Flesh Grinder "Split" TAPE

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"Gurgling Gore (in conspiracy with Scumlord Distro) has the great displeasure of unearthing this disgusting relic and regurgitating it back into the extreme metal underground.

In recent years, there has been a growing resurgence of bands playing “pathological goregrind.” Obviously this can be traced back to Carcass’s early works but later-wave acts such as Poland’s Dead Infection, Czech’s Pathologist and Brazil’s Lymphatic Phlegm and Flesh Grinder are equally as important when tracing the lineage.
To the chagrin of every obsessive collector, the original release of this highly influential split is very hard to find and costly. So with the permission from both bands, and under the guidance of Lymphatic Phlegm’s André Luiz, both labels will make it available for the first time on cassette tape on March 3, 2023."

Flesh Grinder’s side contains tracks from their ‘94 demo, ‘97 album, and ‘99 album

Lymphatic Phlegm’s side contains their ‘97 demo tracks + a bonus track

Artwork (exclusive to the cassette version) by Strange Creature Collages.