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Maimed "Propagate Onslaught" TAPE

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"Maimed is an international brutal death metal band featuring members of Necessary Death, Between the Killings, Severed Headshop, and Crypt Rot."


1. Herald of the Maelstrom (feat. guest solo by Takafumi Matsubara)

2. The Slaughter of Lambs (feat. guest solo by Dan Ozcanli)

3. Death that Obviates the Appellation of Graves (feat. guest vocals by Eston Browne and guest solo by Brendan Dean)

4. Sewage Madness Folly

5. Armament & Brigandine (feat. guest solo by Chris Pervelis)

6. Arbalestier (feat. guest solos by Andrew Lee)

7. Oppugnation (feat. guest vocals by Mike Disalvo, guest vocals by Batu Çetin, and guest solo by Jake Shuker)

8. Propagate Onslaught (feat. guest vocals by Mallika Sundaramurthy and guest solos by Cody Knarr)

9. Forging Providence (The Futility of the Cosmos) (feat. guest solo by James Murphy)

Artwork by Jason Barnett (Petrification)