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Necrocene “Detrimental Paratomy EP” TAPE

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NECROCENE, the Tuscan death metal band born in 2022, emerged with a harsh mission: to craft a sonic epitaph for the human devastation in the current era. Their sound is heavily influenced by old-school death metal gods, such as Death, Obituary, Autopsy, Sepultura, and Entombed, combining hammering riffs of intertwined guitars and bass with frantic mid-tempo drums. Strident vocals deliver a visceral sonic onslaught of the apocalyptic despair of our times. The mindset and sound gave form to their debut EP, Detrimental Paratomy, which explores the depth and persistence of world domination by capital, the deceptive tumor that devours us in a chain reaction whose only product is death. The EP was recorded and mixed by Hill Valley Studio between December 2022 and March 2023, and then mastered at Sügis Productions in April 2023. Featuring five swift tracks in 18 minutes, Detrimental Paratomy establishes its point with perfunctory precision - get in, get out, nothing fancy, but nothing lacking - and leaves the listener in rubble both physical and spiritual.

NECROCENE's sound may be "old" (and authentically so), but their message is timeless. Fight it all you want, but Detrimental Paratomy is coming for you!