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Snet / Grave infestation "Split" TAPE

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"Sněť kick things off with their bludgeoning brand of putrescence that slithers beneath the skin with charnel riffing and drums that hammer bones into splinters. Alongside some truly savage vocals, this morbid monstrosity shows that the band have not dropped the ball since their much beloved full length. No, Sněť have only improved their visceral and sludgy brand of brutality, this new track is a worth offering of offal that will spew ectoplasm across your corporeal form before reducing you to dust. Primal, grotesque and sublimely sepulchral, the adoration for this band in the underground is easy to understand.

Grave Infestation on the flip-side give us a nice length offering, 7 minutes of eldritch decay. Continuing in the vein of pulverising intensity at a crawling, slimy pace, if you somehow survived the previous track then you are certainly doomed now. Those macabre, slower moments meet chaotic bestial violence to give a diverse and masterfully maniacal track that does not rest on its laurels. “Pseudocommando” is feral, intense, atmospheric and totally mental. Bubbling with a bubonic lust for carnage, there is no way to escape the enticing antagonism on display here."