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Tenebro "La Bestia Dell'Isola Maledetta" TAPE

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"Prepare yourselves for a little journey into the Greek abyss as Dismal Fate Records proudly presents the latest offering from TENEBRO "La Bestia Dell'isola maledetta"! This enigmatic mini EP is set to cast its shadow upon the world of Antropophagus, and what better way to experience its haunting melodies than on the vintage charm of a cassette.
Tenebro, the masters of the macabre, after only 1 month from their latest album they have once again summoned their dark arts to craft an auditory masterpiece. Known for their ability to conjure atmospheres of profound darkness and melancholy, Tenebro's "La Bestia Dell'isola maledetta" promises an immersion into a sonic realm where shadows dance and nightmares come to life. Dedicated to Tisa Farrow and Joe D'Amato."