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Weeping Slime "Tormented Mind" TAPE

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"Cacophonous rot takes form as Weeping Slime. A death metal entity so utterly rancid that even necrotised flesh will curdle. Revoltingly slow drums pound through fleshy guitars while the vocals are so putrid that your being will seep pus from every pore. Amazingly, this is the work of a singular individual who must be so twisted to concoct something so vile alone (perhaps frightening away suitable bandmates with the stench of decay emanating from his music). Indeed the slow tempos and swampy riffs delve as far into the tarry pits of doom as death metal ever has. Uniquely flavoured synths add a further ‘weeping’ texture to the music, most appropriate! Slow does not equate to ‘un-heavy’ as this is a gruelling experience that drags out every morbid inch of rot that is offered.

Rhythmic notes plunge into the stomach and draw out the innards as every second of intense doomed death decays the spirit with its sheer intensity. This may even be the most disgusting death metal that you ever hear, the only “if” being if you can survive all the way to the end without your brain drooling out of your nose. If being hit over the head with a sledgehammer made of festering carcasses sounds like your idea of a good time, this emulates that to perfection. Naturally the production itself is fetid in its own right, allowing every uncompressed morsel of the macabre to puke itself through the speakers without dulling the edge of extremity. For exactly thirty minutes your body will be confused by pulsating maggot-ridden rot, leaving you dead or with just enough life to play it again…"