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Wretched Inferno "Cacophony Of Filth" LP

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Limited to 200 copies 

Inferno Red wax
Includes exclusive 11x17 poster

"Cacophony of Filth completely shatters and obliterates any notion of a sophomore slump. Each of the 10 tracks stands on its own like severed limbs, while forming a cohesive gruesome torso of a whole that (once again) seamlessly blends brutal + old school death metal, grindcore, slam, goregrind + literally all things heavy. All with a unique approach + versatile style Wretched Inferno has been sharpening since the “Fester” days. Think “Decayed Butchery” turned up to 11 — the disgusting seeds planted on that first record have grown into a full-blown carnivorous plant!" - Johnny Freeze, Frozen Screams Imprint

Album art by Martyrdoom Illustrations