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Wretched Inferno "Decayed Butchery" TAPE

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"This is it. The debut album from Wretched Inferno. These young lads from Massachusetts tore the roof off with their debut EP "Fester" (FSI-002), selling out all 3 pressings since its first release in late 2020. Now, Frozen Screams is thrilled to present their full-length debut: 9 tracks of brutal death + 1 bonus track (physical release only), with splatters of grind, slam + everything in between. The band's songwriting + sound has progressed significantly since "Fester," with grimy production handled in-house by Colin Buchanan (bass/vocals) this time around. Featuring guest vocals from Jack Scully (Visceral Mass) + Jason Frazier (Corpse Pile) on the first 2 singles. We won't even attempt to describe what it sounds like, just brace yourself + listen. Available on translucent "blood orange" cassette with slipcase, sticker + pin from Frozen Screams Imprint."